Novice and Buckaroo Standardized Obstacle List

The board established a standardized list of 15 obstacles that will be made available to the hosts and riders. From this list of 15 each host will have to choose 8 to put on the Novice course and 5 that will go on the Buckaroo course. There can be NO combination obstacles on the Novice or Buckaroo courses. The remaining obstacles for each course can be of the host’s own choosing. The hope is that with more consistency the more inexperienced riders will have the opportunity to build confidence and skill before moving into a more competitive class.

  1. Bridge- at least 36” wide, no more than 10” tall
  2. Cowboy Curtain- acceptable material- tarp, hose, feed sacks, pool noodles
  3. Water Crossing or Water Box- at least 30” wide (left to right)- no floating objects
  4. Rope- Dummy or barrel, no moving objects
  5. Wind the clock
  6. Sidepass- log, pole
  7. Gate- rope, real
  8. Drag- light log or timber
  9. Teeter Totter- at least 36” wide, max height from ground 12”
  10. Tarp crossing- must be weighted down
  11. Deadfall- must be natural
  12. Roll backs
  13. Free ride
  14. Backing
  15. Spins

Additional decorations or modifications must be approved prior to the event by the UHCA board approved event liaison.

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